11 March, 2016

Attorney Profile

Photo of Tom WhiteAs an attorney and before that as a law clerk, Tom has worked on many legal matters. He has helped clients to win the ownership of Manhattan buildings, to defend their condominium sales and sponsorship from lawsuits over five-million-dollar units, to contest commercial foreclosure and allow refinancing of their businesses, to form Limited Liability Companies and deal with corporate dissolution, and to do many other things.

Tom has drafted employment and sales representative agreements, shareholder agreements and operating rules, software development agreements, loans and licenses and guarantees, and many additional and varied contracts. He has worked on cases ranging from simple recovery of residential escrow payment to litigation with millions of dollars at stake. While past successes cannot guaranty future results, he puts the needs of his clients first and cares about every case he takes on.

Tom has been published in the New York Law Journal, Reuters, the American Criminal Law Review, and the Case Western Journal of Law, Technology, & the Arts on legal topics ranging from contract law to financial institutions fraud to commercial real estate litigation.

In 2004, Tom earned his B.A. from Williams College. In 2012 he graduated cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center.  While at Georgetown he was awarded the Dean’s Certificate for Outstanding Service to the Law Center and learned from many skilled professors and advocates, including numerous members of the Supreme Court Bar.  He led the Champion Team that won the National Telecommunications Moot Court Competition, coached the Champion Team that won the National Veteran’s Law Moot Court Competition, and Coordinated the North American Rounds of the International Space Law Competition.

Tom has also done some work in the field of violence against women, specifically at the intersection of violence against women and modern-day slavery. Several years ago Tom wrote the anti-trafficking novel River of Innocents under a pseudonym.

His first job was as a dishwasher in a Boy Scout camp, and he is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor Member of Scouting’s National Honor Society.  He has written children’s books and books on human trafficking, and the storytelling he picked up in his early years remains incredibly useful in the practice of law.

Tom currently serves on the Judiciary and Litigation Committee of the King County Bar Association in Seattle, Washington.  He is admitted to practice in New York State and Washington State, and is located in Seattle.