4 May, 2017

Business Law

Photo of Tom WhiteBusiness Law

Don’t be the guy standing on the pile of government rules asking which book to dig for.

Have Tom be that guy for you.

(Yes, sometimes even lawyers with computer science degrees still use books.)

Tom has worked on a wide variety of Business Law matters and can help keep your legal ducks in a row. When you are just starting a business you need Entity Formation and advice that helps you protect your personal assets from unhappy customers. If you have employees, you need to protect yourself from employee misclassification and other compliance problems that plague new businesses. You also need Independent Contractor and Employment Contracts drafted that fit the law of the state of Washington.

If you generate ideas in your business or you intend to have a meaningful marketing strategy, it’s important that you have Trade Secret, Trademark, and Copyright Protection. If you have independent sales agents working for you, you need to make sure your Sales Representative Contracts satisfy the Independent Sales Representative Acts of fifty states.

If you have a business web site, you need privacy policies, Terms of Service, User Agreements, and Copyrights.

And if you are putting together a Startup rather than a conventional business and anticipate raising money, you need to ensure that everything from corporate formation to IP Assignment to investment and board member decisions will pass due diligence review from sophisticated investors.