Law Beyond the Cloud

SunsetThe law should not be the noose around our neck–it should be the rope that helps us climb out of the cave and see the sun.

The law is deeply imperfect, but is also the sword and shield to today’s demons and tigers; it is the weapon and the olive branch that comes with us on the quest to build tomorrow.


King County Business Law exists to serve the good people and businesses of Seattle: people who treat others well, whether friends, shareholders, vendors, or customers.  These clients deliver professionalism and effectiveness into all of their relationships. They leave the world better than they found it.

And as they strive to do that, the law protects them.

The law lets them take that giant leap and invest in a business and still have some protection for their family or home because they chose the right corporate form. It helps them if they’re a business trying to plan for growth, a graphic designer trying to use the right contract for new work, a home buyer trying to buy her first home, or if they’ve just had a new beautiful child and they want that child to have money set aside for an education when they grow up.

This is law beyond the cloud: law that lets the good people of King County see and build and protect the future, for themselves and for their family and for our shared community.