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Estate Planning

Wills, trusts, and estate planning protect the family you love.

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Business Law

Intelligent Business Law helps mitigate your risks and free you to grow your business.

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KCBL can also help with Litigation, Real Estate, and other legal matters.

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Quality. Convenience. Trust.


Excellent Legal Work
KCBL produces excellent work. Tom will diligently and thoroughly nerd out over it.


Thoughtful About Your Needs
Whether by email, phone, or in person, King County Business Law cares deeply about not only doing a great job for you, but getting back to you quickly and effectively.


Concern For You
KCBL cares about you and your family. If you have a life you love, I want you to keep loving it and to get legal stuff out of the way. If you have a child, I want that child looked after and protected. and I’ll go the extra mile to see it done.